About Me

My name is Samantha Leader and I am an Educational Psychologist in private practice. I am passionate about working in a therapeutic setting with children, adolescents and parents. Therefore, my therapeutic interventions focus primarily on play therapy, individual therapy for adolescents and parental counselling.

My passion for working with children of all ages stems from my appreciation for the individuality of each and every child. I hold the belief that early intervention and support can assist children in overcoming challenges, living optimally, and reaching their full potential. I value working systemically with a child as no person exists in isolation. Therefore, each child is viewed in relation to their family system as well as the social contexts in which they function.

With regard to my Educational Qualifications, I completed an Undergraduate Degree (BA Psychology) at the University of Johannesburg and went on to UNISA to fulfil a Postgraduate Degree (BA Psychology) (Hons). My interest in psychometric assessment at the time, led to my completing the Practical Programme in Psychometry at the University of Johannesburg. Thereafter, I completed the Masters in Education (M.Ed) (Educational Psychology) Degree at the University of the Witwatersrand.